Now better than ever.

The results are coming in from dairies all over the country, and now more than ever, the conclusion is clear. Cow's Match® Calf Growth Formula is unquestionably the best choice you can make to unlock the full potential of your calves. They'll grow bigger, faster, and sooner. It's as simple as that.

Cow's Match® Calf Growth Formula delivers better results than anything you've ever fed before-even mother's milk. Calves eat more, compared to 20/20 milk replacer, and get more nutrition from what they eat, thanks to the patented Architect® Formulation System. Cow's Match® Calf Growth Formula is more than just a new idea in feeds. It's a way to help you build better cows.

The results you can get with Cow's Match® Calf Growth Formula are truly amazing. But there's plenty of solid science to back it all up.

The latest tests from Land O'Lakes Animal Milk Products show, when compared to 20/20 milk replacer:

  • Now - Up to 56 lbs. more weight gained through weaning
  • Now - 9% reduction in scour days
  • Now - up to 139 lbs. more weight gain through 23 weeks
When compared to 22/20 milk replacer:
  • Up to 34 lbs. more weight gained through weaning
  • Up to 52 lbs. more weight gained through 23 weeks
  • Consumed 144 lbs. more dry feed, post-weaning (8-23 weeks)
  • Reached 400 lbs. 25 days sooner
  • Now - 2.5 month reduction in age at first calving

For optimal results, follow this easy regimen:

  • Feed Cow's Match® Calf Growth Formula twice a day. Large breeds should get 1.8 lbs. of
    Cow's Match® Calf Growth Formula powder per day the first week; then increase the rate to 2.5 lbs. per day until one week before weaning. During the last week on Cow's Match® Calf Growth Formula decrease the amount per day to 1.25 lbs., delivered in one daily feeding.
  • Use a consistent recipe throughout feeding.
  • Observe regular vaccination practices, especially early.
  • Be consistent with feeding rates.
  • Observe good dry cow management practices.
  • For a batch-mixing schedule, consult with your feed specialist. Cow's Match® Calf Growth Formula should be precisely weighed for best results.
  • Free choice clean water. Cow's Match® Calf Growth Formula calves drink lots of water. So keep an eye on that bucket. Make sure it's always filled with clean fresh water.
  • Free choice high protein calf starter.
  • Clean straw and bedding.

Feeding once a day before weaning encourages calves to eat more high-protein dry starter feed. This gradual transition to starter feed helps reduce the stress of weaning. As a general rule, healthy calves can be weaned when they start eating 1.5 to 2 lbs. of high-protein calf starter per day for three consecutive days.

Purina’s milk replacers are all made with the highest quality human grade protein and fat ingredients. Products are available medicated and non-medicated.


NEW and IMPROVED Cornerstone®  Calf Startena® with AMPLI-Calf® Technology

AMPLI-Calf®  is a blend of unique, proprietary ingredients that has been proven to increase feed intake, weight gain and overall height of young dairy calves.

 AGE 12-24 WEEKS

Like Ampli-Calf Starter, Ampli-Calf Grower 18 is a unique and proprietary blend
of ingredients, now available to follow a healthy start and continue optimal
growth and prepare heifers for a TMR with high forage based rations.
aomplicalf_18_bag.jpgPurina Research Trials
 on Calves at 24 weeks.

• 62 lbs heavier (15%)
• 1.7 inches (4%) Taller.
• 3.3 inches (6%) Longer.
Greater overall rumen

Cornerstone® ColdFront 26:20 and
 Cornerstone® 22:20
Featuring The Architect® Formulation System

  • Patented combination of all-milk proteins, fat and complex carbohydrates
  • These complex carbohydrates include psyllium and Inulin

Mixing and Feeding Instructions for Individual Calves
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Hi-Energy Nurse Chow 100 Milk Replacer - A high energy all milk protein milk replacer. (22% protein and 20% fat)

Hi-Energy Nurse Gro 100 Milk Replacer - A high energy all milk protein, milk replacer. (20% protein and 20% fat)


To replace maternal colostrum in the first day of life. 

Start calves right.
Calves are the future of every dairy herd and delivering proper nutrients right after birth is vital to their survival.  Feeding essential disease fighting antibodies and immunoglobulins (commonly called IgG) should be accomplished during the calf’s first critical hours of life.  On many farms, this is done by feeding clean, maternal colostrum.  For some, subpar colostrum collection technique and the added risk of disease spread has made the decision to use a colostrum replacement a wise one for the health and safety of calves.

LAND O LAKES® Colostrum Replacement is the only USDA Licensed Colostrum Replacement. 

It is a natural product made from 100% colostrum which provides immediate energy for newborns and contains all the antimicrobials, nutrients, and growth factors found in maternal colostrum.  Easy to mix and feed, a single dose of Colostrum Replacement fed within 2 hours of birth prevents failure of passive transfer and gets newborns off to a healthy start.  With a 2 year room-temperature shelf life, Colostrum Replacement is a good to have on-hand at all times for instances when maternal colostrum doesn’t provide enough nutrients.

Put LAND O LAKES® Colostrum Replacement to work for your herd’s future to prevent disease and death losses due to inadequate passive immunity, prevent transmission of pathogens, and improve long-term performance of replacement heifers

Bovine IgG Colostrum Replacement - Data Sheet  

Beef IgG Colostrum Replacement - Data Sheet


Calf Bovine Colostrum Image
 Bovine IgG
 Colostrum Replacement


Calves meet their overall health and growth potential with advanced nutrition.   

The first two weeks of a calf’s life are the most critical as she is exposed to many stressors which can cause disease and slow down growth. Calves under 14 days of age are the most vulnerable to the effects of scours and dehydration. Conventional milk replacer programs may not be enough to keep calves healthy and growing through this critical period.

LAND O LAKES® Gammulin® can provide the immune system boost calves need to ward off disease. Made with Gammulin® Functional Protein Supplement, LAND O LAKES® Gammulin® is a mixture of antibodies, growth factors, enzymes, peptides, and albumen delivered through serum proteins that allow calves to meet their disease fighting potential. Fortified with Proteiva™ Functional Proteins, Gammulin® maximizes gut barrier function through enhanced nutrition.

Active Elements
• Proteiva™ Functional Proteins (globulin proteins) – Help maintain intestinal wellness
• Copper, Selenium, and Zinc – Boost the immune system
• Vitamins C and E – Important antioxidants
• B vitamins – Provide energy for metabolism

Research has found that feeding LAND O LAKES® Gammulin® to calves on a standard plane of nutrition during the first 14 days of life reduced the likelihood of diarrhea and fever, as well as lowered the requirement for oral electrolytes.

Gammulin® - Data Sheet


22 lb. Pail