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Silo Stop Product Listing
Silo Stop Product Listing

Here is what some of our customers have said 

about their experience with SiloStop. 

SilostopProducers have eliminated spoilage around the edges of their bunkers by tightly sealing with gravel bags.
Eliminate the use of old tires by implimenting user friendly gravel bags, spaced approximately 15 feet apart.
SilostopWe've been getting great feedback about the waste reduction associated with Silostop!

“When opening the silage bunker covered with SILOSTOP, the silage smelled so much better than other years and I am throwing nothing away”
 -Manheim, PA

 “SILOSTOP has worked so well on my haylage, I plan on using it on all the corn silage bunkers”
 -Lebanon, PA

“While feeding my bunker of haylage I did not have any surface spoilage, what a difference in forage quality, I am sold on SILOSTOP.”
 -Fredricksburg, PA

"We are no longer pitching away spoilage--- I have more forage to feed and sell--- I will use SILOSTOP again next year”
 -Myerstown, PA
Sidewall PlasticUsing the Up North Bunker Cover, this bunker is being prepared for filling. The plastic wall pictured to the left is ready to encase silage and eliminate sidewall waste.

Silage Spoilage when using regular cover (We can FIX this with Silostop!)
Non-SilostopSilage Plastic

Up North Plastics: Bunker Covers - Up North Product Listing

The benefits of Up North White on Black Bunker Covers:

~ White outer layer reflects sunlight protecting the feed from heating,
 Providing U.V. protection to withstand sun exposure for 2 years.

~Black inner layer provides a barrier against sunlight penetration, preventing
 nutritional losses due to bleaching.

~ Made with premium grade resins which provide superior puncture density
 compared to conventional grade plastics.

This silage season K&K Feeds has started to carry the product line of 5 mil White/Black Bunker Covers from Up North. We are carrying the following Widths of 32, 40, 50, and 60 feet wide and 100, 150, and 200 feet long.

We are selling out of most sizes, please call ahead to check availability.